Personal Trainers

Lisa Bonner : Personal Trainer

Lisa Bonner

Personal Trainer

My weight training started 18 years ago, and it has changed my life. It has increased my energy, kept my metabolism raised, increased muscle mass and prevented bone loss. There are other activities that increase health benefits, such as balance, and cardiovascular work, which I also incorporate into my training, if necessary. I have been a Personal Fitness Trainer at The SeattleGYM for four years, and it has been a positive and rewarding experience. I believe that weight training, when done consistently, will improve your physical and emotional health and outlook. My workouts are tailored to the individual, no matter what your goals. I work with men and women and no matter what your age, weight training can be beneficial regardless of your current condition. 206.769.4212
Nick Ciccarelli : Personal Trainer

Nick Ciccarelli

Personal Trainer

Nick has been involved in the training industry for over 20 years. He works with all types of clients ranging from professional athletes to seniors. He has a specialized background in physical therapy/injury rehabilitation as well as extensive knowledge in Sports Medicine. Other achievements include: 3 National Certifications/ Former Paramedic/Extensive background in combat sports (including MMA, Jiu Jitsu and Kick Boxing)/ Strength and Conditioning Coach for professional athletes (Such as Ivan Salaverry of the UFC)/ Former training director at North Seattle Gold's Gym TRAINING PHILOSOPHY: My responsibility to my clients is to not only help them achieve their goals, but to also provide them with the skills 206.335.7774
Connie Derus : Personal Trainer

Connie Derus

Personal Trainer

Let Connie help you create the Ultimate Physique that you've always wanted by creating a program that works for you. I specialize in tailored individual programs that will suit any fitness level and will fit into any busy schedule. Your individual program will start with your current fitness level and will be streamlined to help you attain and maintain your desired fitness goals. You CAN have your Ultimate Physique through setting realistic goals and taking action in order to achieve what you set out to do. Fitness should last for a lifetime, so start today on your road to healthier living. Training Philosophy Sculpting your body to be the best that it can be begins with setting realistic goals for yourself and then taking the action to attain the. Achievement boils down to a state of mind that is ready, willing and motivated to accomplish what you set out to do and knowledge to do it on their own.

Vicki Moen : Personal Trainer

Vicki Moen

Personal Trainer

Vicki has been teaching and training at The SeattleGYM for 20 years. She has worked with all fitness levels and ages from teens to 80 years old. After an initial training period with Vicki, clients are able to continue their fitness program on their own. Follow-up appointments can be scheduled to refresh and progress clients programs. Vicki is also available for private and semi-private TRX Suspension Training and GRAVITY sessions. Education and Certifications: ACE Personal Trainer, efisportsmedicine GRAVITY Trainer, TRX Suspension Tainer, BA in Kinesiology and Dance - University of Washington. 206.372.6754
Erica Moore : Personal Trainer

Erica Moore

Personal Trainer

Erica has been involved in the athletic world, namely track and field, nearly all her life. Having been an 800-meter world bronze medalist, Erica has developed a love and knowledge for how to achieve a healthy aerobic system, power and strength, and functional movement patterns. Having an integrative approach to fitness, she looks to unify all parts of the body into one functional system.

On top of this physical awareness to detail, Erica believes that the benefits of physical movement have no boundaries and hopes for all her clients to experience as many as possible. With a background in the sciences, but a passion for the arts & humanities, she has become an advocate for the known benefits of movement through the current research of Positive Psychology. Hence, her mind-body approach to surmounting both physical health and mental control.

Through customized training plans, Erica can work to create a plan that is multi-focused and can combine some of the more well-known benefits-with the lesser- and can include: lowering blood pressure, helping to control diabetic issues, controlling cholesterol ratios, increasing circulation, decreasing fat, increasing muscle tone, increasing functionality, speed, power, stamina, or strength, increasing energy, healing trauma, improving self-concepts, increasing mood, sharpening mental clarity, and gaining sounder sleep. She hopes to make clients aware of the power of their bodies and minds so that nothing is beyond them achieving.

Frankie Rongo : Personal Trainer

Frankie Rongo

Personal Trainer

Nationally certified with SuperSlow strength training / Nationally certified with A.C.E. with yearly CEC's / IDEA Elite Trainer status / NWCN TV Fitness Analyst with "Coach Frankie" weekly spot / WA Powerlifting Judge (Master competitor) / Masters Bodybuilding Champion / Creator of the "Tupperware Foodplan" / Inventor of the CALFROLLER / Author of "Lifetime Fitness Foodplan" 1999 / video Series creator ( / formerly owned & operated Frankie's PT Gym on Capitol Hill / Education major at Jersey City/Montclair St. Colleges in New Jersey / Over 33 years of practical experience Training Philosophy There are no shortcuts. (425)830-9577
Susan Rucker : Personal Trainer

Susan Rucker

Personal Trainer

Susan Rucker is excited to share her passion for fitness and dance with you. After careers in finance, technology and the non-profit world, Susan fell in love with Zumba in 2009, became a licensed Zumba instructor in 2011, and has not stopped dancing since! Susan’s passion for Zumba has helped her transform her life, gaining new vitality and dropping over 100 pounds so far. Susan holds her MS degree in Complimentary Alternative Medicine and has been an ACE certified Personal Trainer since 2001. An erstwhile violinist, Susan believes strongly in the power of music to transform both mind and body. Along with her co-teacher Jeannette Nolander, you will experience an hour of high intensity dance, fitness, and most importantly, fun!

Kevin Spencer : Personal Trainer

Kevin Spencer

Personal Trainer

Kevin is a longstanding club instructor and choreographer. His approach to personal training involves these elements: Dynamic Tension, Resistance, Body Work, Free Weights, Stretch and Movement. Combined with Breath, Balance, Stamina - guiding you to realistic goals of growth, confidence and strength gains. Training Philosophy Conditioning should be habitual, not hard. "Balance is the key to recovery."