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July 19, 2023

Yoga fundamentals

Free “Pop-Up” Class WEDNESDAY | July 26 – 6:45 pm (45 min.) Do you think Yoga is just extra stretching? Do you think Yoga and the weight room have nothing to do with each other? If you don’t feel flexible, aren’t sure how Yoga can help your gym routine, or are just completely new to yoga, this is the class for you. Come learn ways Yoga can support and  improve your strength routine. This class […]
May 22, 2023

Intro to dumbbells for women

Session Covers: Designed for women, learn 3 main exercises for the upper body and 3 for the lower body. With each exercise Kendra will review proper form, appropriate weight selection and how to vary the exercise using SeattleGYM free weight options. Benefits Include: • Increases Metabolism • Strengthens Joints and Fascial System • Improves Bone Density • Reduces Risk Of Injury • Improves Athletic Performance Our goal is to get you comfortable strength training in […]
April 17, 2023

New BodyPump instructor Ola Urban

My fitness journey started when I discovered triathlon races. To build strength I started the standard solo gym workout. One day in the locker room I overheard a few women talking about the group fitness class they were taking, and exclaiming that it is the highlight of their day. How could a workout be the highlight of somebody’s day I thought? A workout is a means to get better in your sport discipline, not a […]