Membership Freeze Form – The SeattleGYM


A member may apply for a temporary inactive membership status based upon either a valid medical/injury or other related condition or a personal reason. PIF membership types are not eligible for membership freezes. The membership will be considered in a temporary maintenance status where it is active and in good standing. Members applying for inactive status must be current in their account. The EFT dues for those months will be reduced for a minimum of one (1) month and maximum of three (3) months at a time. The Club may, at its sole discretion, approve or reject any application for inactive membership.
- Medical Freeze: Members may be required to submit supporting documentation of said condition or injury. There will be no monthly charges for a temporary medical freeze period.
- Personal Freeze: EFT dues will be reduced to $10.00 per month during the temporary freeze period.

I understand that this is only a request for a freeze provision and the freeze provision of my membership will be communicated to me upon the successful review of my membership agreement and account by a membership account representative at THE GYM.