Meet Guest Teacher Friedeke Verkleij-Veenman – The SeattleGYM Health Club
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July 16, 2018
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July 25, 2018
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Meet Guest Teacher Friedeke Verkleij-Veenman

Friedeke is a friend of Kari’s and will be visiting Seattle from the Netherlands in July.
She is a Pilates Master Trainer and Do-In Yoga Instructor guest teaching at The SeattleGYM, Laurelhurst.

Thursday 7/19 4:00 pm – Do-In Yoga
Monday 7/23 10:45 am – Pilates
Tuesday 7/24 4:00 pm – Do-In Yoga
Thursday 7/26 4:00 pm – Do-In Yoga

Try one of the classes Friedeke will be teaching at The SeattleGym this summer and learn how to integrate the wisdom of eastern medicine and Pilates into your daily life.

More About Friedeke!
My Pilates class is a mat class and based on classical Pilates. Movements are slow, continuous and intense. With focus on stability, flexibility and mobility. I teach classes based on all levels. Everybody works in their own range of motion, small or big, with all challenges and modifications.

Do-In yoga is a form of yoga, based on the Traditional Chinese and Japanese Medicine and Taoïsm. Do-In Yoga combines stretching (meridian stretching) and energy strengthening exercises.
Some people might say, Pilates is not their workout. (“It’s boring matwork….”)

For some people Yoga is too far away from their comfort zone or is “truely vague”.
My class is fun, workable, instant energy, rest and comfort in your own body. It really makes you feel you are your own boss in your own body. You can release stress in the shoulders, you will feel how to use your abs the right way and in a controlled matter. You will leave the mat energized, taller and stronger.