“O T H E R  A G R E E M E N T  T E R M S”

PARTIES TO THIS AGREEMENT. This Agreement is solely between you and the”
“Seattle Fitness Group dba The Seattle Gym (the “”Club””).”



“I understand and agree that neither The Seattle Gym, nor any of its owners, officers, employees, or agents may be held liable FOR, and I hereby personally assume all risks arising from any occurrences, acts, omissions, or conditions in connection with the use of the facilities, equipment, or services of The Seattle Gym, that may result in injury, death, or other damages to me, my heirs, or assigns, whether said risks are foreseeable or unforeseeable, AND WHETHER SAID INJURY, DEATH OR OTHER DAMAGE IS THE RESULT OF NEGLIGENCE ON THE PART OF ANY OWNER OFFICER, EMPLOYEE, AGENT OR CUSTOMER OF THE SEATTLE GYM and further save and hold harmless The Seattle Gym, its owners, officers, employees, or agents from any claim by me, my family, estate, heirs, or assigns.”

“I have fully read and understand the contents, terms, and conditions of this waiver of liability and Hold Harmless Agreement. I have had adequate opportunity to consult with an attorney OF MY CHOOSING concerning this Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement. I am of lawful age, am legally competent, and sign this document of my own free will.”

“I hereby acknowledge that engaging in physical exercise, including the use of exercise machines, free weights, club facilities, training and instruction could cause me physical harm. I voluntarily participate in these activities and assume all risk of physical harm that might result. I represent I am fully capable of participating in these activities without causing harm to me or to others. I acknowledge that the staff of the Club is, and have been available to answer questions about the nature and physical demands of these activities and the risks, hazards and dangers associated with them. I understand that the presence of The Seattle Gym personnel is absolutely no assurance of my safety or the reduction of any of these risks.”

“I agree to release and covenant not to sue the Club, with respect to all claims, liabilities, suits or expenses (including attorney fees and costs), arising out of any injury, damage or other loss to me in any way connected with my use of the Club’s facilities or participation in its programs. The SeattleGYM will be filming select, scheduled classes for public release. Any workout that is being filmed will be posted in advance on the schedule board and TSG website. PARTICIPATION IS YOUR CONSENT TO BE RECORDED FOR POSSIBLE PUBLIC RELEASE.”

“You agree to be bound by The Club Rules and Regulations regarding member’s use of the facilities to enhance a pleasant experience for all members. These Rules should be considered a part of your Membership Agreement. From time to time the Club may adopt and post additional rules.”
Sign-in. All members/guest are required to check in at every visit by scanning your membership card at the check-in counter. If a you don’t have a valid, bar-coded membership card, or your photo image is not on record, please sign in and show photo ID to the front desk staff.”
Hours. Our hours and days of operation will be posted on the premises and may change from time to time in consideration of holidays, seasons, member usage and maintenance requirements.”
Member Conduct. Because we’re concerned about your health, we require that you refrain from smoking or using tobacco products, alcohol or illegal drugs at the Club. It is our policy to expel members who may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We also ask that members treat one another with respect and that they refrain from using course or derogatory language. Please keep cell phone usage to a minimum and only in the allowed areas.”
Locker and Locker Rooms. Lockers and locker rooms are provided for your convenience. Lockers, however, are for day use only. We empty lockers every night and, if necessary, we will remove any unauthorized locks. Locker contents will be discarded or donated to charity. We are not responsible for lost or damaged articles. No cell phone usage in locker rooms.”
Dress Code. Please wear workout attire appropriate for a public environment where men, women and minors may be present. Closed-toe shoes are required.”
Guest Privileges. We invite you to bring guests to visit the Club, however, guests will be subject to our customary guest fee. Guests are admitted to the Club at the discretion of the management and must comply with all Club rules.”
Peak Hours. You should be aware that the Club has peak hours of usage when facilities and equipment and services may not be as available as you would like. If you would like to avoid peak hours, speak with a Club staff member to determine the best hours for you.”
Violation of Rules. If a member fails to comply with Club rules, we reserve the right to terminate his/her membership privileges. Any such termination, however, will not relieve the member of his/her obligation to pay the unpaid portion of his or her membership fees.”

Informed Consent

By clicking on "submit" of the Empower Workout Registration Form, you acknowledge the potential risks and agree to hold the premises, officials, and staff harmless from any and all claims, losses, damages, injuries, or inconveniences resulting from any and all participation in this program, either by virtue of instruction rendered or use of any equipment. You also verify that you are in good health and certify that your level of physical condition determined by yourself and your physician will allow you to safely participate in this program. You also verify that you are legally competent to sign this form.