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April 9, 2023
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New BodyPump instructor Ola Urban
My fitness journey started when I discovered triathlon races. To build strength I started the standard
solo gym workout. One day in the locker room I overheard a few women talking about the group fitness
class they were taking, and exclaiming that it is the highlight of their day.
How could a workout be the highlight of somebody’s day I thought? A workout is a means to get better in your sport discipline, not a
source of fun and pleasure right? So I decided to try it for myself. Yoga, cycle, core training, resistance
training, boxing, you name it, I tried it all. I got hooked instantly. Now I was looking forward to each
workout, to the great music, to see my instructor. Started out in the back of the room, moved to the
middle, later become front row regular, and finally got certified to be a group fitness instructor myself.
Today I am certified in a variety of group fitness formats like Bodypump, Core and Mat Pilates. I get to
be a source of accountability for my members – and vice versa! There is no better feeling than knowing
that you make a difference in someone’s life.
Other fun facts about me: I am two time Ironman finisher, did several marathons, long distance open-
water swims, and long bicycle tours. About a decade ago I decided to go green and start bicycle
commuting. After I met my husband he decided to trade his four wheels for two bicycle wheels and join
me. No regrets!