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New Zumba class

zumba instructorHi my name is Taylor Clarridge and from a very young age I’ve always loved to dance, especially with other people. In High school I joined the Pacific Islander Dance team where I feel in love with Tahitian dancing, little did I know those skills would help me with Zumba. After having a blast and losing 60 pounds with Zumba classes for over 3 years I decided it was time that I help spread the joy and success.

What made me successful with Zumba is that I not only loved but also scheduled my life around these classes, going to the gym no longer felt like punishment or judgment towards myself. This was the first form of fitness that I loved and looked forwards too. Which is why I work hard to create a fun, easy to follow and high energy class, where everyone feels welcome, confident, and overall amazing by the end of class.