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Proof of vaccination

Hello TSG Friends,

Starting Monday, October 25, 2021, the King County Public Health
Department will require all Health Clubs to verify that all Members and
Guests are vaccinated, or have had a negative PCR test administered
within 72 hours of a visit.

Effective October 25th: please show proof of vaccination, or a negative
test, at the Front Desk to enter the gym. For vaccinated folks: your
vaccination status will be recorded on your account, so you will only
need to show proof once. Those with test results must bring current
results for each visit.

You can show that you’re vaccinated with:

* A CDC COVID-19 Vaccination record card (or photo of the card)
* Documentation from a medical record or vaccine provider
* A verification app approved by the WA Department of Health
* A printed certificate or QR code from [1]

To avoid potential delays in entry, you may:

* Show your proof of vaccination at the Front Desk early (between now
and October 25th)
* Submit your proof via email to: This
method requires 24 to 48 hours to process, so please plan ahead.

We are proud of the way our membership has responded to the ever
changing COVID-19 mandates. So thank you for your adaptability and

Please direct any questions to: