PTX Small Group Training

Phase 2 Gym Opening: The Seattle Gym will be able to offer Personal Training Services and Small Group Training (1 Trainer/Instructor and 5 clients max). Plus FREE GYM training for 5 people.

The gym doors will not be open for walk in members during this Phase (mandated by King County). Procedures/Rules for use are listed below. For detail Info visit this page.

We are able to provide the following PTX programs during this period of time:
PTX (Small Group Training) 5 participants max., reservation required, fee based
PTX Reservation page coming soon

Mon 10:45 am GG Vicki (Cycle Loft)

Wed 11am RTB Vicki (GroupX)

Fri 12pm GG Kari (Cycle Loft)

Sat 9:00am Strength Circuits Rachel (GroupX)

Sun 10am Sunday Cycle Jocelyn (Cycle Loft)

**This schedule subject to change daily. All reserved participants will be notified of any cancellation. Workouts will be added or cancelled based on attendance/demand.