New fitness gear may be just what you need to help trigger your best workout—and create the momentum for many more to come!!

Empower You through feeling good.

Kari has recently partnered with Savvi, a community-based lifestyle brand that empowers you to style your world—the way you look, the way you work, the life you create.
Any size, any age, anybody.
We are excited to share this opportunity directly with our TSG members—to simply SHOP and become a new customer to the brand --OR if interested--playing a larger role at Savvi*. The culture and energy of this brand is un-matched with an emphasis on customer support, inclusivity and individual expression.
Feel free to browse the link below and shop directly if something catches your eye, using the following link:

For more information click here

While shopping if you are interested in receiving the listed wholesale pricing for your purchases consider joining for the full year at $39. You will see this option at the bottom as you check out with your items.
Special Limited Offer —The first 30 customers to shop and spend $50 or more on apparel will receive $25 off their first order as a thank you. (Enter Share25 at checkout)
*Contact Kari personally if you would like information on being more than a customer!!
                         ***NEW Men’s line is being released soon***