Let your Health Plan pay for your Silver and Fit membership at The SeattleGYM!

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To set up a Silver and Fit membership at The Seattle Gym, please bring your driver's license or ID and Silver and Fit Fitness ID number to the front desk. If you don't know your Fitness ID number, please call your insurance company to obtain it.

The Silver and Fit Fitness program is an insurance benefit included in a large number of Medicare health plans. Through Silver and Fit, health plans and group retirement plans provide a gym membership to their insured, usually at no additional cost. Your Silver and Fit membership allows you access to The SeattleGYM and includes all the basic amenities plus group exercise classes.

See more at the Silver and Fit website here. Silver and Fit Website
Did you know… 1 out of 5 people 65 or older is eligible for a Silver and Fit membership!
If you’re a group retiree, or part of a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement Health plan, you may already have a Silver and Fit membership. This active adult wellness program is offered to many Medicare plans across the nation. To find out if your health plan offers the Silver and Fit® Fitness program, visit the health plan locator.

About Silver and Fit Health News

Silver and Fit works with the nation’s leading health plans to provide you fitness location access at no additional cost.

See participating health plans - and find your Silver and Fit card number
Call 1-877-427-4788 for help through Silver and Fit.