Reviews our members have given The SeattleGYM

TSG has been an invaluable asset in my life since the 1990's. Called by another name back then, it has continued to provide not only physical exercise, but all-around healthy emotional energy through its ambiance, professionalism and responsiveness of its staff and instructors, and camaraderie among users. Having tried other gyms before, I can only say that TSG stands out. Again, thank you so very much. I expect to continue to use TSG for the remaining decades of my life - which may be a long one. Raised in an athletic family, my Dad lived to 100 and my mid-90's mother is remarkably healthy, still using the computer, doing yoga and exercising as best she can with a cane or walker. Sincerely, Beryl F.

…I’m a poor grad student and couldn’t afford it otherwise, but their New Years deal worked great. In 5 months I have NEVER had an issue getting on cardio equipment. Their classes are typical…but what they do best is hiring excellent instructors. The instructors are friendly, encouraging, and helpful with your fitness goals. Especially, Randy and Rachel from body pump. -A.L.

I am a parent of a child who recently required an extended stay at Seattle Children’s Hospital. THANK YOU so much for providing access to your well equipped gym and fitness classes. Though my ability to get to the gym was limited, my stress was much more manageable due to the times I did make it and the friendliness of your staff. Your thoughtfulness in supporting self care for the parents who are temporarily living in or near the hospital is greatly appreciated. In gratitude, Rene

Best things about TSG? The instructors! I mean, how can you go wrong when you have an internationally recognized and accomplished owner and teacher and so much depth and inspiration with the staff?! The dance studio is large, both at QA and Lauelhurst. The locker rooms are decent and always clean. Fitness classes offered are challenging and they seem to mix it up a bit on the schedule, adding new formats to keep you interested and coming back. I appreciate being greeted when I arrive and like their solid customer service. I’ve worked and taught at a lot of gyms over the years and I have to say TSG is one of the best! Thanks for the inspiration! –Jennifer P.

This gym offers what it should and at a decent price. Many of the classes are great. The staff is friendly, the equipment is in good shape- and clean! The personal trainers all seem great, too…

I do not have an excuse not to come here. I live right across from the gym and let’s face it, in order to be a dedicated gym patron, I need it to be as easy as possible. I really like this gym for a few reasons: There is not loud blasting techno music or meat heads. I never feel like it is a meat market even though there are many attractive folks here. The staff are really great as well – when I had a free trial membership, none of them tried to sell me on things. When I come in to work out, they do greet me, but it never feels fake or like they need something from me. It’s very relaxed here and I really appreciate how non-gimmicky it is here. The cardio equipment is always clean and working and no matter what time of day, can always find equipment to use. Great building too. I’ve been a member for nearly 2 years. I find that the staff is always helpful, friendly enough, and most importantly, maintains a fresh stack of towels upon entrance. What more do you need? The classes are great and there is plenty of cardio equip, considering the amount of space available. Anyway, great neighborhood gym in a community that is better served by small-businesses than by globo-gyms and big box stores. Seattle Gym fits the bill and it’s fantastic.

Great location, relatively easy to find street parking, everyone was very low-pressure, and decent prices

I’m surprised that nobody has mentioned the amazing Zumba class with Daniel! That guy is a fireball! He brings positive energy and fantastic music to each session, and his style is much more challenging than other Zumba instructors I’ve tried. I’m in much better shape since taking his class twice a week, and I always leave super-happy. I wish he taught more classes here. I have been going to this gym for a couple of months now and I like it. If you are looking for a state-of-the-art gym with tons of bells and whistles, this gym probably isn’t for you. But if you are looking for a fairly priced, smaller, local gym, its good. So far the staff has been nice and the place is clean.

…classes are great. I like the Body Pump the most. Seems like most people do because it is always packed. PTX with Frankie is awesome too! I have only been to one of his classes so far but will go back for sure. Women’s locker room is clean. Always an open locker. Love all the window light on the cardo floor! Good price at about $43/month. Not too many meat-heads which always make self conscious (personal problem I know…) Good hours. Always have towels unlike some gyms (cough LA Fitness).

I go to this gym and love it. It is clean and staff are friendly and it is not expensive. I have only been to the spin classes and think they are great! Parking can sometimes be a problem depending on what time you go. Their earliest class is at 6am for spin which is only on Tuesday and Thursday. It would be nice to get more variety of morning classes. Overall my experience with this gym is very positive and i have recommended it to a lot of friends. It does not have a pool, but the Queen Anne pool is within walking distance to they gym.