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Kari Step Challenge 2.2.2017
February 2, 2020
March 17, 2020
Kari Step Challenge 2.2.2017
February 2, 2020
March 17, 2020
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TSG Coronavirus Precautions
Dear Members,

In light of ongoing news regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19), We wanted to assure you that our staff will be more frequently cleaning  all areas, including  locker rooms, workout areas, workout equipment, fixtures, handrails, door knobs, drinking fountains, etc. 

In addition:

  • Group Fitness Studio mats will get a daily disinfecting treatment
  • We are adding more wipe dispensers around the gym
  • Single use paper towels have been added to group fitness and cycle studios for equipment and mat cleaning.
  • In addition to towels and cleaning solution a wipe dispenser is now installed in the main gym area to wipe machines and equipment before and after use. 
  • Consider bringing your own clean mat to class or a mat towel 
The best resource for up-to-date information is the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) website, which is updated daily:: https://www.doh.wa.gov/Emergencies/Coronavirus 
Prevention for spreading illness includes standard practices:
  • Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid contact with people who are sick.
  • Stay home while sick and avoid close contact with others.
  • Cover coughs.

 The safety of our members and staff is, and always will be, our top priority. Sincerely, Mark & Kari

Membership Info:
This pandemic has been very difficult for most people in many different ways, and we understand and will help if you wish to suspend your membership. 
Please submit your request to www.theSeattleGYM/Freeze and we will process your request immediately.
Memberships will credited for lost days, and adjustments and/or extensions will be made on your accounts when we reopen.
Meanwhile, as part of your membership, we hope you have had a chance to visit the free workout videos the TSG instructors have been posting. (See our Home Page for details)
We will be ready to serve you in a clean, sanitary, and welcoming environment when we reopen. At that time, if you have any questions about your membership, please feel free to contact us at Billing@theSeattleGYM.com