6 Week Weight Loss Challenge at The SeattleGYM

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"I loved this challenge and can't wait to sign up for the next one. The support, nutrition suggestions, and exercise classes really helped keep me on track. 6 weeks is the perfect amount of time to focus in on changing habits, and with the support Susan and Vicky, it is achievable. Lori, Spring 2017 Challenger & TSG Member

"I highly recommend the Weight Loss Challenge. The coaches are amazing, providing individual support and feedback on weight loss, nutrition, exercise and strength training. The program builds great habits. I lost pounds and inches and went down a size in clothes. The program is great and the coaches are incredible!" –Carla, Winter 2017 Challenger & TSG Member 

"In general I am pretty fit and active, but noticed that as I was getting older I was maintaining my heavier weight. I decided to join the WLC last Spring to help me lose 7 lbs before a big bicycle trip I had planned for the summer. I knew that being lighter would make the hill climbing more tolerable! My goal was realistic- to lose 1lb a week over 6 weeks. I ended up losing about 10lbs during the challenge but stuck to it afterwards and am now about 20lbs lighter than I was in May. Why did it work?! I think without a doubt it was a combination of using the My Fitness Pal food diary, and also upping my cross training with the great classes that Vicki and Susan offered us. I eat and drink what I want, but I make more thoughtful choices about what to eat, when to eat it, and to view daily exercise as an investment in myself. The structure of the class was very supportive and the weekly personal check ins were very positive and completely non judgmental.
Thanks to Vicki and Susan for being such great role models!" Paula, Spring 2017 Challenger & TSG Member

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