6 Week Healthy Habit Reboot Virtual

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Oct 4- Nov 15, 2020
 6 Week Healthy Habit Reboot (formerly know as: 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge)

• Please email Fitness Coaches Susan Rucker (susanru@comcast.net) or Vicki Moen (vicki@theseattlegym.com) for more information.

• Challenge Only price $239 - Buy this ticket if you are currently paying SeattleGYM Member dues or if you are non-member that does not need access to The SeattleGYM online workouts.
• Challenge Plus price $299 - Buy this ticket if you are NOT a SeattleGYM member and would like access to The SeattleGYM online & in-person  workouts. 

Now, more than ever it is time to focus on our health and wellness! 

Join our results-oriented Virtual 6-Week Healthy Habit Reboot and improve your fitness and eating habits. Whether you want to lose weight, feel more energetic or improve your fitness, you set your goals and we help you achieve them. In this 6-Week Reboot you’ll receive:

  • Initial one-on-one private zoom consult assessment and 6-week goal planning for success 
  • Two weekly online workouts with your coaches and fellow challengers, focusing on core strength, proper exercise form and muscle conditioning
  • Food logging with easy to use app to keep you on track
  • The SeattleGYM Private Facebook Group Livestream Online & On Demand workouts!
  • Weekly challenge goals 
  • Sound nutritional guidance focused on balanced healthy eating, so you’ll learn a sustainable approach to losing weight and getting healthy while still enjoying life
  • Personal coaching on which simple habit changes are right for you that will make big impacts
  • Online coaching support to keep you motivated and on your personal path towards success
  • Weekly access to your coach to guide you and adjust your plan during the 6 weeks to assure you achieve your goals
  • Final one-on-one consult with post-challenge plan
  • 2 month SeattleGYM online & in-person class membership included with non-member price

The best time to improve your fitness and health is always the same ...it's today! Begin long-term sensible weight loss and fitness habits. Sign up to start your Challenge Now.


Challenger Testimonials!

"The 6-week healthy re-boot was an amazing experience even when joining from the Midwest. As a working mom of two little kids, I found this program easy to follow and work into my life. The weekly challenges for nutrition and working out helped to educate me on healthy habits so I was able to make incremental changes towards a healthy lifestyle while not feeling like I was missing out on summer fun things with my family. I’d highly recommend this program!"

-Jen, Summer 2020 Challenger

"This challenge did so much more than I expected. For someone who exercises often, with lots of repetition, I was exposed to classes I had never taken before...and am now going to regularly. The variety of workouts and class dynamics were, surprisingly, a welcome change and addition to my exercise routine. The exercise and nutrition app we worked with was easy to navigate. Just entering a food item before eating it...seeing the amount of calories, carbs, etc...was enough to change my food choices and pay more attention to what I eat and how much. Vicki and Susan were amazing trainers and leaders...and so supportive. They sent weekly emails with key tips and goals, along with background information on the benefits of food types, eating habits, and exercise regimens. More than halfway through the program, I took a 2.5 week vacation out of the country and even lost weight. Three months after finishing the challenge, I am 17 lbs lighter and now know what to do to maintain my current weight and s ize. I’m able to wear rings that haven’t fit on my fingers for years! I would definitely recommend the Weight Loss Challenge!" 

–Casey, Spring 2018 Challenger

"My experience with the Weight Loss Challenge was extremely positive, the format was easy to understand, a lot of fun and very effective (lost 15 lbs). The coaches were very engaged, knowledgeable and energetic. I received personal guidance on my exercise and eating plans, and lots of support.  The supportive environment created by Vicki and Susan made the whole experience fun and results were easy to achieve."

–Brent, Spring 2018 Challenger & TSG Member

"I highly recommend the Weight Loss Challenge. The coaches are amazing, providing individual support and feedback on weight loss, nutrition, exercise and strength training. The program builds great habits. I lost pounds and inches and went down a size in clothes. The program is great and the coaches are incredible!" –Carla, Winter 2017 Challenger & TSG Member"In general I am pretty fit and active, but noticed that as I was getting older I was maintaining my heavier weight. I decided to join the WLC last Spring to help me lose 7 lbs before a big bicycle trip I had planned for the summer. I knew that being lighter would make the hill climbing more tolerable! My goal was realistic- to lose 1lb a week over 6 weeks. I ended up losing about 10lbs during the challenge but stuck to it afterwards and am now about 20lbs lighter than I was in May. Why did it work?! I think without a doubt it was a combination of using the My Fitness Pal food diary, and also upping my cross training with the great classes that Vicki and Susan offered us. I eat and drink what I want, but I make more thoughtful choices about what to eat, when to eat it, and to view daily exercise as an investment in myself. The structure of the class was very supportive and the weekly personal check ins were very positive and completely non judgmental."

Thanks to Vicki and Susan for being such great role models!" –Paula, Spring 2017 Challenger & TSG Member



How can I contact the organizer with any questions? You can contact Susan at susanru@comcast.net or Vicki at lastingfit@comcast.net

Can I join the Challenge if I'm not a SeattleGym member?  Yes!  Included in the Challenge Plus ticket price is a 2 month online and gym membership(open 25% capacity) to the SeattleGym located on Queen Anne Hill.