The Seattle GYM

Introduces a new ONLine Service


FREE SERVICE The Seattle GYM introduces new workout videos on how to properly use and incorporate Weight Machines, Free Weights and Functional Training into your workouts. These videos can be used to improve specific areas or together in a comprehensive program for an overall total body workout.

Over 100, 1 minute length videos will be broken down by major body parts to give you basic workout ideas.

The real value will be in the comprehensive Overall Functional Cross Training Plans (FCT) that our certified trainers will design to give you new fresh ideas that can dramatically help you reach your fitness goals. If your goal is trying to add strength, get lean, improve overall fitness, we will have a variety of programs for you.

Our Trainers will also be adding new videos and FCT on a monthly basis.

The Machines and Free Weight videos are all available online at The SeattleGYM

The new Function Training Videos will also be available on the NEW SeattleGYM YouTube Page coming soon.

Learn about some of the Pros and Cons of Resistance Machines and Free Weights

Videos in progress!






Total Body


(High Intensity Interval workouts)