Group Exercise Class Descriptions – The SeattleGYM Health Club

Class and Gym Updates!

Group Fitness Workouts are available for TSG  members to attend in-person or via livestream. You can join TSG Instructors teaching your favorite workouts three ways!

  1. Limited class size in Phase 3, Group Fitness Classes (20 person max main studio & 12 max cycle). NO reservations.  These workouts are FREE to TSG members. As of 5/14/21 members who are fully vaccinated have option to workout with a mask. 
  2. Live-streamed workouts available FREE to TSG members on The SeattleGYM Sidelined Private Facebook Group Page. Weekly livestream schedule is posted on Sidelined.  Request to join
  3. On Demand TSG Workouts FREE to TSG members on VFIT. Access many of the workouts 24/7 that have been live-streamed in the past  year + more!  Register


Cardio&Sculpt: This class will combine blocks of aerobic training with blocks of muscle sculpting & conditioning for a VIIT (variable intensity interval training - a mix of high, medium and low intensity) workout. Cardio moves will be easy to follow and designed for all levels to get fitter and stay fit. Cardio&Sculpt will use light weight and other resistance tools to strengthen and tone. Lots of variety and lots of fun!

Class Descriptions

The SeattleGYM proudly offers you the most complete selection of workout options in the city. Classs may be dance-based, athletic-based or a fusion of both.  Workouts where choreography is involved will have this after the title ( I, II and/or III). This relates to the Level of Complexity only, not the intensity level of the workout. 

Level of Complexity I=easy to follow II=intermediate III=more complex
We hope this helps you select the workout that suits you best as you get started.  Eventually Try them all!