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Class and Gym Updates!

  • Yoga Instructor Change! Colleen Bell is leaving TSG for new ventures. We will miss her! Starting January 2020 Emily Stewart will teach 6:40 pm Wednesday Vinyasa All Levels Yoga.
  • Another Reach The Barre Class Added in 2020! Wednesdays 8:15 am with Kari! This class is being added because the Monday 8:15 am Reach The Barre students have asked for a second morning class. So say yes to Barre lovely Kari Anderson on Wednesday mornings. 
  • BODYPUMP Instructor Change! Christine Humbach is moving to Washington DC. Good luck Christine! Lucky for TSG, the amazing Rachel Henneck will be taking over the 6:15 pm Thursday BODYPUMP class starting 1/2.
  • Monday night 6:00 pm Cycle will now be taught by Emily  while Kyle takes a leave of absence from TSG! Wednesday night will be the RPM (Les Mills Cycle Format) with Sina.  We are excited to bring these talented new instructors to the cycle studio! You are going to dig both these instructors and what they bring to elevate your fitness!
  • Don’t miss the opportunity to dance with Daniel in his final two Zumba classes at TSG 1/7 & 1/14. Thank you Daniel for all the great years of Zumba Fitness. Then get ready to welcome Stan to Tuesday nights 5:20 Zumba.  He brings the fun to the dance floor every class! 

Reach the Barre fuses ballet, pilates, yoga and muscle conditioning with goal of improving posture, strength, flexibility, grace and ba lance. The secret to achieving a dancers body is in how the exercise sequencing targets specific muscle groups, isometrically and dynamically. We blend this fitness magic with the popular Reach class philosophy of “pure technique” to bring you a unique training opportunity…NOW in TSG’s group fitness studio!“Reach™, and now Reach™ the Barre, provides members of all levels the tools to train with the mind-set and discipline a dancer uses daily to master the body.”
Kari Anderson Reach the Barre Class Times:
Mon 8:15 am (Vicki) *  Wed 8:15 am Kari *
Thurs 4:00 pm (Kari)

BarreWorks! Class will fly by as you work through a mix of barre sequences that will challenge your muscles, strengthen your core, improve flexibility and focus your mind. BarreWorks is a barefoot, fitness-based class blending elements of ballet, pilates and yoga using the barre, mat and various studio equipment. BarreWorks for Every Body! No dance or ballet training required and all fitness levels welcome!
BarreWorks Class Times:
Tues 6:00 am (Emily)
Mon 7:30 pm

Class Descriptions

The SeattleGYM proudly offers you the most complete selection of workout options in the city. Classs may be dance-based, athletic-based or a fusion of both.  Workouts where choreography is involvedwill have this after the title ( I, II and/or III). This relates to the Level of Complexity only, not the intensity level of the workout. 

Level of Complexity I=easy to follow II=intermediate III=more complex
We hope this helps you select the workout that suits you best as you get started.  Eventually Try them all!