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  • REACH Gentle but still a tough workout. Cardio and flexibility and strength. I’m sore today! Also really loved the ballet influence

    K - ClassPass User
    Sean Champagne Avatar

    Reliable, friendly staff and you NEVER have to wait for machines. Clean, great gym.

    Sean Champagne
    Maria Sandness Avatar


    Maria Sandness

    TBT Reps Lots and lots of cardio. I like to take my lifts slower and focus more on form. This class moved... read more

    C - ClassPass User

    DanceFIT Good workout! Would have been nice to get a little more of an intro from the teacher - I think... read more

    m - ClassPass User

    Ignite Great class, efficient workout that is very tiring but extremely satisfying

    A - ClassPass User

    TBT Xpress Good class! Lots of variation with movements so the time went by very fast. Instructor was clear and energetic

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    Derek Cole Avatar

    Nice place. Nice staff. Clean. There are both machines and free weights. Most things you need to get a great... read more

    Derek Cole
    Nikhil Desai Avatar

    Love this gym and will miss it. A member here for the last 2-3 years, moved out to Ballard so... read more

    Nikhil Desai

    Yin Yang Yoga Good class! I went last week and it was completely different this week! I love how Amber takes requests from... read more

    C - ClassPass User

    Yin Yang Yoga A slower style with plenty of stretching but also some strengthening poses.

    K - ClassPass User
    Jvonshay Lucci Avatar

    nora is the best instructor they have she cares she's genuine she pushes you great music constant change love

    Jvonshay Lucci

    Frankie's Bootcamp great class, tough workout especially for a short class

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    Derek Cole Avatar

    Try it

    Derek Cole

    Body Pump Perfect balance of a workout, by far my favorite!

    A - ClassPass User
  • Jennifer T Avatar

    I have been going here for over 2 years since it's a quick 5 min walk from where I live.... read more

    Jennifer T
    Mariann Logan Avatar

    Super clean, great sauna, and friendly staff. Some friends and I were in for a conference and got set up... read more

    Mariann Logan
    Rudolph Speaks Avatar

    Nice facilities

    Rudolph Speaks

    BarreWorks Emily was awesome! Kept the room moving!

    A - ClassPass User

    Body Step Forgot how hard and how much fun step class is!

    B - ClassPass User
    Leah Mcfarlane Avatar

    I mean it when I say EVERYONE is so helpful and nice. They encourage you and want you to have... read more

    Leah Mcfarlane

    Pilates Mat Always a great class with Jocelyn!

    S - ClassPass User
    Steve Quandt Avatar

    A great neighborhood gym in QA with lots of space, equipment, and classes.

    Steve Quandt
    Claudia Rybienik Avatar

    I'm a little bias as this is my neighborhood gym - but I find that it accommodates everything I need... read more

    Claudia Rybienik
    Lindsay Belden Avatar

    Cute (not your typical adjective for a gym, but this space is definitely eclectic!) little gym in QA! Basic equipment... read more

    Lindsay Belden
    Brenson B. Avatar

    5 star rating Fantastic gym. Membership is a great value, big open space with a great vibe and plenty of equipment. Sauna, showers,... read more

    Brenson B.

    Cycle I'd do this spin class again. Nice facility including new spin cycles, fans, showers, drinking fountain, sauna, and places to... read more

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    Zumba D

    J - ClassPass User
    Sandy Cheeks Avatar

    The Seattle gym.

    Sandy Cheeks
    Joelle Duda Avatar

    Seattle’s gyms

    Joelle Duda
  • GravityGroup Strength Highly recommend this class! I’m JUST getting back to the gym and this was the perfect challenge. I’ll be back!

    S - ClassPass User

    REACH Instructor needs a microphone as it is hard to hear her in such a large room. Music variety would be... read more

    J - ClassPass User

    Body Step Great workout l, Rachel works the entire body.

    S - ClassPass User
    Dereking Cole Avatar

    Try it

    Dereking Cole

    Step Challenge Intermediate to advanced class, really enjoyed it.

    S - ClassPass User

    Body Step great class

    g - ClassPass User

    Yin Yang Yoga Great class for all levels!

    C - ClassPass User
    Nate Nutting Avatar

    Very casual.

    Nate Nutting

    TBT Reps Intense but flies by! Make sure to get there early, it was packed and you have to set up your station.

    P - ClassPass User

    DanceFiT & BEAM Super fun class, and loved the BEAM at the end - got my cardio, strength, and stretch all in one class!

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    Friedeke Verkleij-Veenman Avatar

    Great summer programs! Excellent sub teachers and I got a chance to be one of them! #reallyproud

    Friedeke Verkleij-Veenman

    BarreWorks Good mix of classic barre moves and mat/floor exercises. The floor was a little slick and I thought the music... read more

    E - ClassPass User
    Marci Armitstead Avatar

    Love this gym, great classes!

    Marci Armitstead

    Body Pump Great instructor!! Super intense ??

    D - ClassPass User

    Cycle The instructor was great - motivating, but also encouraging & considerate. I got a great workout!

    C - ClassPass User
  • Body Pump Easily able to scale for all levels

    c - ClassPass User

    Body Pump Instructor was good overall, but it would have been a perfect pump class if she called the next moves earlier.... read more

    M - ClassPass User

    Pilates Mat Always a great class!

    S - ClassPass User

    Barre fantastic class, really works your quads, glutes and everything else!

    A - ClassPass User

    Step Challenge I love this class and have been coming here for almost 2 years. It’s not for beginner though. It’s super... read more

    Y - ClassPass User

    Cycle Good class.

    D - ClassPass User
    Leann McGuire Avatar

    Perfect gym for individual and class exercise. Fabulous instructors and cheerful front desk staff.

    Leann McGuire

    Ignite Rachel was awesome, there were only four of us so she was able to spend a lot of time making... read more

    T - ClassPass User
    Christie Francis Avatar

    This gym was perfect for those fitness enthusiast. They had all the equipment, and the place was very appropriate. The... read more

    Christie Francis

    Balletone Such a fun class!

    R - ClassPass User

    Body Pump Busy class. Get there early to get your own station set up

    R - ClassPass User
    Peter Baker Avatar

    The Seattle gym in Queen Anne is a great gym with excellent equipment and a nice staff.

    Peter Baker

    Step Challenge Good workout and music

    M - ClassPass User

    Body Pump Wasn’t randy but great class. Always a full body work out! Back track, biceps track, legs track, shoulder track, etc!

    R - ClassPass User

    BootCamp Great workout! I want to come back!

    S - ClassPass User