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Personal Trainers at The SeattleGYM

Christina Baserman

Christina helps others enhance their vitality on all levels: body, mind and spirit.
• As a personal trainer, she helps people reap the benefits of exercise. She has been an ACE Certified Personal Trainer since 2013, fusing traditional weightlifting with functional movements for a well-rounded regimen.
• As a yoga instructor, she helps people increase flexibility and balance, reduce stress and improve sleep. The practices of yoga nidra and meditation enhance self-awareness, emotional health, and memory. She began studying yoga in 1997 and has been a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT®) with the Yoga Alliance since 2008.
• She also offers breathwork—techniques to consciously alter the flow of the breath which can have profoundly beneficial effects. These techniques are primarily drawn from pranayama in yoga and Conscious Energy Breathing in which she was trained in 2020. The outcome of a successful breathwork session is increased inner peace and optimism.

In all pursuits, Christina believes there is room for both hard work and humor, and that vigorous activity gives way to ease and creativity.

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Kaelon Christoper

Kaelon grew up in Queen Anne and feels privileged to call this incredible neighborhood home. Outside the gym, Kaelon’s second passion is acting which has taken him all over the country while starring in 6 seasons of the Emmy Winning PBS series Bizkids.

Kaelon has always been a firm believer that living a healthy lifestyle and creating healthy habits are key to improving your life not only in this moment, but 20 years from now. In his own life he’s seen the dramatic changes that occur when you put your body’s well-being first.

This is what sparked his passion for personal training and his love of sharing knowledge and experience with others. Whether it’s your first time in the gym, or you’re a seasoned pro looking for something new to reinvigorate your workouts, Kaelon is ready to help. Shoot him an email today for a free fitness consultation!

Rachel Henneck

Longtime SeattleGYM class participants probably have been in a class of hers before, as the SeattleGYM (then ProRobics) was the first club she connected with when she moved to Seattle in 2007.

Rachel grew up avoiding P.E. classes, favoring involvement with music and academics, but secretly wishing she had been a ballet kid or gymnastics kid. Finally, after finishing college at 19, she picked up going to the gym and discovered group exercise. She was recruited to teach before long and has never looked back.

As a personal trainer, Rachel is unique in that she values intensity, technical precision and therapeutic value equally. Her recipe for a private client adjusts this blend based on the client’s own goals and assessed needs. Her goal, while providing a workout, is to educate you enough to understand why exercises are chosen, how to execute them accurately, and to prevent residual stress in the body from showing up later as strain or injury.

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Steve Quandt

I’ve been a personal trainer for 7 years and excited to be at The Seattle Gym in Queen Anne. I enjoy working with clients of all kinds, but especially the elderly, injured, or differently abled.

I’ve enjoyed exercise and sports my entire life, and I try to bring this passion into my clients’ sessions. I also do my best to make the sessions as fun as possible, as everything is easier with laughter. I am very flexible in my training style, so I can help you with almost any physical goal you may have.

Throughout my life I’ve enjoyed organized sports, distance running, martial arts, skiing, and weight lifting. As I’ve gotten older, my activities have come with more aches and pains, as well as some traumatic injuries. Each one of these injuries has brought more knowledge and awareness to my practice, and I enjoy sharing preventive and rehabilitating exercises with my clients when needed.

A few years ago, a client and I were featured on KIRO7. Please feel free to text me at 608-206-1045, or email me at Thanks! .

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Steve Q - 30 Minute Visit..............$60
Steve Q - 5 Visit Package..........$275
Steve Q - 10 Visit Package..........$500
Steve Q - 20 Visit Package..........$900

Frankie Rongo

I started lifting weights at the age of 12 in 1971 to rehabilitate my body after a near fatal sledding accident which left me bed ridden for 6 months.. Through weight training I taught myself to walk and run again to be able to play football and baseball. Through out high school and college I was always the unofficial trainer for every team I was on.

I came to Seattle in 1988 at which time I became the fitness director for the Metropolitan Health Club till 1994. I then opened my own personal training studio (Frankie's Gym) in Capitol Hill till 2000. From 2000 till 2004 I was the fitness director for Golds Gym. From 2004 till present I have been at Prorobics/Seattle Gym up at Queen Anne.

ACE Certified, IDEA Elite trainer status, Super slow Certified. I train the extreme beginner to the advanced competitive athlete (bodybuilding, figure and powerlifting competitions). I am currently a Masters Competitor (over 50) in bodybuilding and powerlifting and hold multiple state titles and an American record deadlift of 502lb, AAU World Powerlifting Champion and NPF Masters Physique Pro.

Also therapy and rehabilitation training along with your good ole fashion full body or body split workouts.

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