Online Workouts – The SeattleGYM Health Club

“The SeattleGYM Sidelined” Facebook Group Page is ready for you! Go to TSG Sidelined and ask to join for access to Livestreamed TSG Workouts.

Live-streamed workouts scheduled 7 days a week! For your convenience, most classes stay up for 48 hours post scheduled class time. Go to TSG Sidelined Facebook Page for class equipment list.(

LiveStream Class Schedule 9/28-10/4 Note Class times and formats subject to change. 

**Livestream & In Person Class (instructor simultaneously live-streaming and teaching 10- person max classes in the main studio:)

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In-Person & Livestream CLASS Schedule 

Mon 9/28
9:00 am Reach The Barre with Vicki**
5:30 pm HiLo Dance with Kari** –  Testing Evening Live In Studio!
Tues 9/29
9:00 am Pilates Mat with Jocelyn**
10:45 am TBT Xpress with Autumn**
Wed 9/30
9:00 am Cardio&Sculpt with Vicki** – Introducing New Class!
10:30 am Hatha Yoga with Kelly
5:30 pm BODYPUMP with Bryan**
Thu 10/1
9:00 am Cycle with Jocelyn** – NEW!
10:30 am Reach The Barre with Kari**
12:00 pm TSG BootCamp with Rachel – Popular Summer Deck Class Moves Indoors!
Fri 10/2
9:00 am Yoga with Amber
10:30 am HiLo Dance with Kari**
12:00 pm BODYPUMP with Vicki**
Sat 10/3
9:30 am Balletone with Vicki –  Testing Sat. Time Slot!
11:00 am TBT REPs with Autumn**
Sun 10/4
9:00 am BODYPUMP with Rachel**
4:00 pm Reach with Kari**

Class Participation Tips

  1. Refresh this page to view the livestream workout
  2. If you get screen freezing check your internet connection &/or go out of the video, refresh the page and go back into the video.
  3. If you get audio drift (voice and movement are not in sync) go out of video, refresh the page and rejoin the video.
  4. If the workout ends abruptly before it’s actually over. It means we had a broadcast interruption. Stay with us, refresh your page and instructor will return in a new feed to finish where they were cut off.

Once you have joined just go to The SeattleGYM Sidelined Facebook Group at the scheduled workout time. We can’t wait to continue working out with you! Your Devoted TSG Instructor Team.


For those members not on Facebook–And all members:

Although our Live Stream workouts will only be available through our Private Facebook Live Group Page we will be offering active members temporary FREE access to select VFit classes (filmed at Laurelhurst gym) along with some of Kari Anderson DVD Workouts TSG Online Workouts

If you are interested in this and you are a current member of TSG please contact us at for information on how to join.