All workouts are approx. 60 min unless noted.

“Class Sessions”

Reach Series 

A flowing mix of ballet-inspired movement and fitness training focusing on total-body strength, balance, stability, flexibility and posture. Equipment may be handweights (1-8lbs), Ballast Balls (stability ok) or nothing. 

Reach 6

reach 6

75 minute Workout. With balls.

Reach 12

reach 12

75 minute Workout. No equiptment.

Kari's Reach


REACH is a non-stop, flowing mix of ballet-based exercises to target all those hard-to-reach areas of the body for the ultimate in body Read More

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NEW!! Kari Reach


60 minute. Kari Reach (filmed 2/20/18

HiLo Dance Series

Join this advanced level, faster-paced cardio dance workout that definitely takes more than one try to perfect and well worth the effort. Every class includes building the choreography and then combos keep adding on. This is challenging learning, performing and endorphin loading at its best.

HiLo Dance 10.2

hilo 10.2

60 minute workout.

HiLo Dance 11.3

hilo 11.3

60 minute workout

HiLo Blitz 1.0

hilo blitz 1

30 minute workout

HiLo 16.1

HiLo Dance

60 minute.

HiLo Dance 17.1

hilo dance

60 minute.

HiLo Dance 18.1


60 minute workout

HiLo Dance 19.1

Kari HiLoDance 19.1

60 minute.

HiLo Dance 20.1


60 minute.

HiLo Dance 20.10.18


60 minute.Kari HiLo Dance (filmed 2/10/18)

Step Challenge: Kari

A dance influenced Step workout ideal for members who love to be challenged on the Step. Creative combinations are linked for that ultimate test of “from the top”! A definite must for the advanced step enthusiast.

Step Challenge 10

step challenge 10

60 minute. Step Beginners--check out Orientation for a great 30min Step Intro Workout with Kari.

The Step Files

the step files

60 minutes

Step Challenge 7.0

step challenge 7

60 minutes. Number 7.

Step Challenge 11


60 minute.

Step Challenge with Janice


Enjoy this energetic, cardio-focused method of training which may include rhythm variations, directional changes, stomps, turns and more. Step combinations are linked for that ultimate challenge of performing “from the top” (filmed 2/11/18).

Total Body Tabata™

Total Body Tabata 2

tbt 2

60 minute workout. Autumn & Vicki.

Total Body Tabata 10

tbt 10

60 minute workout. Autumn & Vicki.

Total Body REPS

tbt reps

60 minute workout. Autumn.

Total Body HiiT

tbt hiit

30 minute workout


Pilates Mat : Jocelyn

pilates 1 jocelyn

60 minute workout

Cycle Workouts

RockSome Climbs

RockSome Climbs Jocelyn

60 minute workout. Jocelyn.

Pedal and Pulse; Tricia

pedal and pulse tricia

60 minute workout

Stacy C.S. 1 Form/Foundation

Stacy C.S. 1 Form and Foundation

45 minute workout

Stacy C.S. 2 Interval Ride

Stacy C.S. 2  Interval Ride

60 minute workout

Stacy C.S. 3 Time to Climb

Stacy C.S. 3  Time to Climb

60 minute workout

30 Minute Workouts

HiLo Blitz: Kari 1.0

hilo blitz 1

30 minute workout

Total Body HiiT

tbt hiit

30 minute workout

Total Body Tabata

tbt strength

30 minute workout. Strength in 30: Autumn.

Abs Only with Janice


15 min. This short, targeted workout combines exercises for abdominal and back muscles to improve torso strength, endurance, and posture. Pure core work in one time-efficient workout. (filmed 2/11/18).

Guest Instructor Master Classes

Medora Dance Club 3

Medora Dance Club 3

60 minute workout

Jennifer Cepeda

Jennifer Cepeda DancePowered

60 minute workout. DancePowered.

Megan Cardio Funk 2

Megan Cardio Funk 2

30 minute workout

Shannon Latin Hip Hop 1

Shannon Latin Hip Hop 1

30 minute workout


Frankie PTX3


15 minute workout

Frankie PTX1


15 minute workout


Yoga for Strength


45 minute workout